The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery Like a Pro

As an expert in carpet and upholstery cleaning, I'm here to tell you that using a carpet cleaning machine is the most effective way to get your carpets and upholstery looking like new. Sprinkling baking soda on the surface of the carpet is a great way to start. Then, mix the carpet shampoo (of which you tested the color) with warm water and add the mixture to a spray bottle. Spray the cleaning liquid onto the carpet, brush with a carpet brush and dry the area.

If you're looking for a more professional approach, consider hiring a Boca Raton Interior Design Firm to help you with your carpet cleaning needs. Vacuuming with a strong suction and doing it regularly is the best way to keep carpets free of lint, dirt, and pet hair buildup. If you don't have a vacuum, there are other ways to clean the carpet, such as a broom or an old carpet sweeper. To prevent dust from fading and matting, approach high-traffic areas at least once a week. As an extra precautionary measure, a short mini-vacuuming session will definitely keep the carpet fibers free of dirt, especially if you have pets. When it comes to stains, “time is running out” according to Brown.

He recommends always having a compact carpet cleaner or a stain remover and a clean white towel on hand. A quick search on Amazon will reveal dozens of carpet shampoos, machines, scrubbing brushes and stain removers, all of which promise to help make your carpets look like new. With a little effort, you can also deep clean the area's carpets and even the wall-to-wall rugs with some simple products and tools that you probably have in your pantry. Saturating the rug with anything, especially water, can penetrate deep into the carpet and the padding underneath it. Allowing dust and dirt particles to remain in the fibers of the carpet makes them appear opaque and retain odors and, eventually, wear out the backing and fibers of the carpet. Here are some steps to follow to routinely and thoroughly clean your carpets: sprinkle Arm & Hammer Carpet & Room Extra Strength odor remover directly onto the carpet stain and let it work for one to three hours; use a steam mop with a microfiber head or a rug accessory to cover the baking soda mixture on the carpet; spray vinegar solution onto the carpet in a hidden place to check the strength of the carpet's color; use foam carpet cleaners because they adhere to the fibers of the carpet without saturating the pad underneath; call a professional carpet cleaner if you have large carpets or difficult stains; plan to thoroughly clean your carpets every six months. Cleaning carpets and upholstery can be daunting but following these steps will help you keep your carpets looking like new for years! With this ultimate guide to cleaning carpets and upholstery like a pro, you'll be able to make sure that your carpets look their best for years to come.

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