Should You Have the Same Carpet Throughout Your Home?

Many homeowners feel the urge to choose a different floor for each room in their home, but this is not always necessary. It is better to create a consistent look that extends from room to room. It also depends on the lines of sight and the floor plan. Do you see the floors of one room while standing in another? If the floor plan separates the rooms properly and the transition spaces are consistent, it is possible to use different colors in different rooms.

Alternatively, you can join sisal or seaweed rugs the size of a room in all the rooms to give continuity and place individual, colored and printed rugs on them. It can be difficult to choose unique rugs for multiple rooms when one rug would work for all of them. Staircase mats can be made from shorn, looped or flat-woven rugs and are a smart alternative to tight-fitting rugs. Choosing a rug for the whole house can mean losing the flexibility of placing the carpets wherever you want and making changes over time without having to pay to tear the rug out and reinstall it.

On the other hand, having a lot of different, non-neutral colors in carpets can be overwhelming. In general, carpets are often so old that they are about to need to be replaced and there is a mix of styles that show personalities. Choosing different rugs for each room will cost more for the rug itself and will probably cost more for labor. While there are solid reasons to have different rugs throughout the house for practical reasons, it's important to choose rugs that flow seamlessly from one area to another.

If the landing is a high-traffic area and requires more durable carpets or deserves to be its own focal point with a single floor, it is possible to use a coordinated type of carpet but different from that of the rooms. Synthetic carpets are made with BCF materials, while natural wool carpets are made with discontinuous fibers. While it would be much less complicated to have the same rug throughout the house, there's no problem with different rugs in different rooms. To underscore the importance of having different rugs in different areas, the suggested bedroom rug on a staircase would be disastrous from a safety point of view.

When it comes to rugs, places with the same rugs throughout the house generally also have the same style of decoration everywhere, and are often just plain and boring. If price is an important factor and you are determined to place carpets in a certain part of your house, it makes sense to opt for a continuous rug. Using the same rug throughout the house gives a sense of continuity and helps small homes feel more spacious, but complementary rug designs can offer a similar effect and bring rooms together more creatively. If you prefer a plain rug but can't find the color you're looking for, John Lewis and Brockway Carpets offer color combination services to produce wool rugs that match your favorite shade.

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