6 Tips for Maintaining Carpets and Upholstery for a Cleaner Home

If you're looking to keep your carpets and upholstery looking their best, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure they stay clean and fresh. Our floors and furniture are often the first thing people see when they enter a room, and they can take a lot of abuse from everyday activities. Vacuuming, cleaning stains, and deep cleaning can help extend the life of any type of carpet or upholstery. Allowing dust and dirt particles to remain in the fibers of the carpet makes them look opaque and retain odors, eventually wearing out the backing and fibers of the carpet.

To keep your carpets and upholstery looking their best, here are 6 tips for maintaining them:

  • Vacuum regularly. Regular vacuuming helps remove dirt and debris that accumulates throughout the day.
  • Use a damp cloth. Clean furniture cushions with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or stains.
  • Remove stains immediately. Use carbonated water or vinegar to remove any stains, then dry the area with paper towels.
  • Deep clean carpets.

    Deep cleaning a carpet removes the densest dirt, restores the buoyancy of the fibers, and brightens the colors.

  • Check for colorfastness. Before starting the deep cleaning process, spray a vinegar solution onto the carpet in a hidden place to check the strength of the carpet's color.
  • Request professional cleaning. Requesting a professional carpet cleaning service can help dissolve dirt and grime from the carpet fibers, resulting in an absolutely clean carpet without leaving any harmful chemicals.
Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the primary cleaning method for synthetic carpets. With a little effort, you can also deep clean wall-to-wall rugs with some simple products and tools that you probably have in your pantry.

For a list of stain and stain cleaners approved by the carpet manufacturer, visit The Carpet and Rug Institute online. By following these 6 tips for maintaining carpets and upholstery, you can keep your home looking its best for years to come. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your carpets will last longer and look better than ever before.

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